Professionalism is an essential element to grow your startup to attract investors, clients or customers. A business which appears to have placed little care on its branding, presentation and the overall image is likely to put off any of these, as it suggests a lack of attention. There are many easy ways which startups can convey a professional image, by following these three simple steps.

Invest In Your Website

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Hey, its 2017 and every organization needs a professional looking website, as it is one the first places potential clients or investors will learn about your business.

Nothing is worse than clicking on an ad leading to a website with a┬ádesign that hasn’t changed since 1999. Yes, I’m looking at you Craigslist.

Hiring a designer for custom work is always the best approach for your website.

But that usually involves a sizeable amount of money and time, which most startups don’t have.

If you have neither the time or cash for such an undertaking, I suggest you host your site on WordPress which is the most popular CMS of the planet.

It hosts more than 25% of sites running on the web, and that number continues to climb.

From small business to Fortune 500 companies, the versatility of the platform is absolutely amazing, and the possibilities are near endless.

Furthermore, there are a plethora of web designers offering professional pre-made website templates at affordable prices for you to take advantage of from reputable platforms.


Focus on Branding

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Branding is an important part of establishing a professional presence for both online and offline interactions.

Branding for offline purposes can include things such as pens, diaries or other stationary items with your company logo.

If you are a service based business, sending your clients a package of branded pens might seem insignificant at first blush, but it is a great way of keeping your core services fresh in the minds of your customers.

Every time they use your custom branded pen, they will be reminded of your great service. Make sure your service is great before passing out free promotional materials.

Consistency is the key in branding your company online. Make sure your company logo and website colors reflect the type of services and products relative to your brand.

Deliver On Your Promises


It does not make a difference how big or small you are, we all hate a business that claims one thing but fails to deliver.

Never overhype your products and services, and never engage in false accusations towards another company.

Not only will you loose the trust of your potential customers and damage your reputation, you could potentially face legal litigation.

There are many examples of crowdfunding campaigns with products promising unbelievable features and unbeatable prices.

Backers invest into what they think is something legitimate, only to be duped out hard-earned funds.

Many of us have been there at some point, and it is never a pleasant experience.

The basic premise is straight and narrow for start-ups. Just deliver on what you said you were going to do.

Hey, life is hectic and sometimes things just get in the way of you making on your promises.

We all get it and go through it. Just let your customers know that things aren’t going as planned and show them your course of action to remedy the problem.

It shows respect and responsibility on your part while maintaining a professional image.


Start-ups are under a lot of pressure to succeed in today’s rapidly changing world.

Bringing an idea from concept to production is full of challenges and unforeseeable events.

This article is by no means exhaustive by any measure, but following these simple steps outlined in this post can positively add to your table of contents.

The Internet is full of free and premium resources to help you throughout your journey.

There are some who fall by the wayside, and then there are those that are planted in fertile soil and sprout into usable produce.

Take advantage of the help that is readily available, and make use of that thing between your ears.

Then you will achieve your chief aim to grow your startup and become a successful and profitable enterprise.

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