Business and technology have always been two inseparable terms. Pushing each other forward, blowing each other wind at their backs, and making the necessary foundations for others to thrive, caught in an extraordinary cycle that seems impossible to break. 

It should be only natural then, that, in this day and age, when technology makes a tremendous impact on the way people complete their daily tasks. Here are some of the most important business technology trends that will shape the rest of 2016.

Ability to Work Anywhere

Telecommuting and outsourcing are nothing new. We have seen them come back countless times over the last few decades. Still, in a world where you can complete most of your work-related obligations on the screen of your smartphone, these two terms are starting to get a whole new meaning. According to a survey by Kenan-FlaglerBusinessSchool, 33% of Millennials would give precedence to perks like device flexibility and social media freedom over salary when accepting a job, so we can expect to see the number of telecommuting workers only to grow in years to come.

The Ongoing Dominance of Mobile

Another significant trend very closely related to the previous one is the ongoing rise and dominance of everything mobile. The year 2015 brought us Mobilegeddon and the first point in history when more than half Google searches occurred on mobile devices. Businesses were quick to adapt, but most of them failed to realize the scope of this upcoming tide. 

The App Game Is On and Everybody is Invited

Of course, the best way to capitalize on mobile’s dominance over the desktop is to offer a smartphone app. As of recently, apps have been something meant only for the big players. But, with the platforms like Appy Pie and Microsoft PowerApps that are supposed to make app-building effortless even for the non-technical users, we can expect to see an increasing number of SMBs trying to win over local customers with dedicated apps. The most persistent ones may even get a chance to make a stab at a global market.

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Video Content Continues to Grow

The video has always been a very powerful business tool, be it for marketing or training purposes. However, due to various technical limitations, the end reach of video as a marketing tool was limited as well. Today, when video streaming is available virtually anywhere in the world, and users are capable of creating their videos or making conference calls quickly, this medium will truly start to flourish. Because of an increased volume of actual videos, Video Content Management Systems (VCMS) will begin to take the place of simple document management systems.

Strive for Security

No matter how much businesses up their game in regards to cyber security, it seems that cyber threats never seize to be an issue. So, unfortunately, continuous strive for safety will continue to influence the business world in years to come. Taking into account that, according to a locksmith company from Ryde, 40% of enterprises never actually recover after some disaster, break-ins included, and most of current security systems are managed online or backed up in the cloud, these issues only gain in significance. 

Their solution may take an approach that goes out of the regular virtual routines and extends more firmly into the offline world.

It seems that business and technology are destined to dance forever. As we can see their marriage brings a lot of good things, but also few threats on the table. Where this shared journey will lead and what its consequences will remain to be seen. The road, however, is starting to take its shape.

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