So what if Adobe conceptualized and developed the Portable Document Format (PDF)? To assume that it is the most reliable source of PDF software would be a nothing but a gross misrepresentation of how things have panned out in reality. There is a handful of PDF softwares out there that perform a lot better than Adobe products, and Able2Extract Professional 11 is at the forefront among them.

Able2Extract is designed to be a sophisticated all-purpose PDF tool for business and home users alike. From creating and editing PDF documents seamlessly to converting them across formats, Able2Extract Professional 11 does it all.


Able2Extract Professional 11 is available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux users.

Developed by InvestinTech, the software is available for free download on the official site. You get unrestricted access to all of the features for the first seven days, after which you need to pay a one-time fee to continue using the premium version. The seven-day free trial is a good way for you to judge whether or not the software meets your expectations. We tried doing the same, and here’s what we found:

Able2Extract Professional 11 Performance


Able2Extract key features include:

  • PDF Creation: For creating PDF files from the scratch
  • PDF Editing: For seamless editing of existing PDF documents
  • PDF Conversion: For converting PDF files to and from an array of other file formats such as .doc, .docx, .html, .cad, and many more.
  • PDF merger: For combining two or more PDF documents with absolute ease.
  • OCR Compatibility: For converting scanned documents etc.

Getting Started

The first thing you will notice about Able2Extract is its simple and to-the-point interface. No fancy design, no over-the-top gimmick – nothing! Rightly so, you don’t need those while working with your PDF files with whatsoever purpose.

If you have used any productivity tools such as Microsoft Word etc. in the past, you will experience no difficulties accessing any of Able2Extract’s key features.

Able2Extract Professional 11 review

Just click on the File button and you will see almost all the key functions the program brings along on the drop-down menu as shown below.

PDF editor software

You can open or import any PDF file in your storage media or another machine on the network by selecting File > Open. You can also open multiple PDF files simultaneously in different tabs.  

To convert a PDF document to another format, just open the document and then click on Edit button on the main menu. There you will see a list of options to select the pages you want to convert to another format. You may either select one or multiple pages using the Select Page Range option, or the whole document by clicking on Select All Pages.

PDF converterThere you will see a list featuring all the formats supported by Able2Extract Pro. These include:  MS Word (doc/docx), CSV, MS Excel (xls), images (JPG, PNG etc), AutoCAD, HTML, plain text, and so on.

PDF creator


The program also lets you customize your conversion settings from View > Conversion Options.

There’s also a Batch Conversion feature if you need to convert multiple PDF files simultaneously. All you have to do is go to File > Batch Conversion and then select the files you wish to convert.

The advanced conversion features are mostly limited to Excel and CSV conversions where users are given two choices to pick from: Automatic Conversion and Custom Conversion.

As the moniker itself suggests, the advanced conversion is a one-click, fully automated process while Custom Conversion lets you configure the row and column layouts before the conversion begins.

You can delete unwarranted parts within a page by going to File > Edit/Convert, and then selecting the Delete option toward the top of the sidebar, and then clicking on the parts you want to delete.

Want to delete a page? No big deal! Hit the Delete button on the sidebar under the Pages section. It gives you the choice to delete just one page or multiple pages as shown below.

Other PDF editing features are also tight-knit and can be accessed from the unified editing panel on the right. The software is programmed to automatically identify the font in the content you have selected in order to ensure that the original document retains its visual identity without compromise.

If you are collaborating with a team and need to share your PDF document with others, you can annotate it in a numbers of ways. You can add text as sticky notes, highlight sections of the content, caret, attach other files, watermark the document, or even add pop-ups to parts you want others to pay attention to.

Able2Extract Pro 11 also lets you merge and split your PDF documents – a simple, yet practical feature that comes handy in, say, tasks like combining several invoices into one larger PDF document or splitting a big report into several smaller parts.

Creating new PDF files is also as simple as it can get with Able2Extract Professional 11. There are two ways you can use the program to create a new PDF file. The simpler of the two can be executed by right-clicking on any supported file (e.g. docx or xlsx), and then selecting “Open in Able2Extract 11”. Once the file opens in the program, you can save it as a PDF file.

The other way is to open the supported file by going to File > Create PDF so Able2Extract can instantly print it as PDF. Note

For privacy, you can select the password protection feature from View > PDF Creation Options under the Security tab. By password protecting a document, you minimize the risk of unauthorized access and modification of your important document.

PDF creator software

For heightened security, the program also enables users to redact sensitive information that you do not want others to see.

In addition, you also get to customize everything from document title and description to resolution and quality of the output file.


  • A trial period of seven days with full features so you can evaluate the program before purchasing
  • Very simple user interface. You don’t require advanced computer knowledge to operate Able2Extract Professional 11
  • It supports all commonly used file formats
  • Reasonably priced
  • One of the best tools for converting PDF to Excel formats and AutoCAD


  • Limited features for creating new PDFs
  • Limited editing options


Overall, Able2Extract 11 Professional 11 is a competent PDF software that doesn’t cost you much compared to most of its alternatives. What’s even better is that it brings some premium features that makes life a lot easier for students, as well as professionals who frequently work with high volumes of PDF documents.


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