In today’s home, technology can be found in almost any room. Many new kitchen appliances such as fridges and washing machines come equipped with WiFi features and can be controlled through an app. Even a house’s lighting and heating can also be operated remotely via apps such as Hive.

Only a handful of smart homes make use of the latest technology, with more making the switch in the coming years. For the time-pressed homeowner who has very little time to cook, clean, advancements in connected technologies are making life simpler.

Smart Homes

Smart Home Technology

The concept of the ‘smart home’ is a relatively new one, which is centred around the idea of constant connectivity. The idea is to make the most mundane chores possible with just a few swipes within your smartphone or tablet.

Google Home and Amazon Echo make use of voice commands that make it easier for you to get an answer to questions and control your thermostat.

Products that are a little more niche will be able to measure how much energy a smart household uses, potentially saving money in the process. A prime example is Apple’s Elgato Eve Energy, a plug-in device that measures energy use for all devices in the home from the smallest phone to the biggest fridge.

Monitoring of stats is one way in which technology is becoming increasingly important for homes. Aside from energy, apps and gadgets can give out detailed information on temperature, humidity and, in the case of smart fridges, see which foods are near or past its expiry date.

From Home to Office

Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology is also useful in offices and board rooms. Smart speakers in particular could turn many time-consuming jobs into ones that could take a few seconds. Anyone looking for a commercial property to rent from LCP will need one to make their office space a ‘smart’ one.

In offices and home offices, robots will have a bigger role to play. Robotic vacuum cleaners, which can be set to clean a floor at a specific time, will get to work on cleaning the floors automatically. In time, they may even be able to do tasks such as bringing coffee to desks and taking notes.

One office in Japan is already replacing some office workers with robots. Around the home, they could be able to handle cooking, cleaning and taking care of the pets. There are, as expected, a few glitches that need to be worked out.

Technology is rapidly advancing at break-neck speeds making it easier to get more done with little effort. No longer are people relying on others for help, but instead turning jobs over to machines and advanced algorithms for solutions.

The world may look entirely different from what we expect in the future, but one thing is for sure and it is that automation is taking over.

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