Sometimes the smartest actions are taken when you are least likely to expect them. It seems as if Amazon appears to have accidentally leaked some information about a number of Nintendo Switch games which potentially could be released in January.

According to a tweet from Cheap Ass Gamer, the online retail giant seemed to have jumped the gun and listed a number of Switch titles soon to be released. Amazon has since taken them down:

Looks like someone at Amazon dropped the ball. Regardless, this gives us a bit of insight about what the Nintendo is planning on releasing very soon. It’s also a plus for Amazon Prime subscribers.

There are many speculations that a Nintendo Direct event is just on the horizon which could be in held this month.

There is no concrete evidence to support this claim, but more or less a feeling among the gaming community.

This latest leak does give more weight to that speculation. The placeholder prices reach a maximum value of up to $99.99.

We will have to wait for Nintendo to make an official announcement about the event to be certain.

Nintendo Direct 2018

During the last part of 2017, we saw the electronics giant perform admirably when it came to hardware and software sales.

Super Mario Odyssey soared past 1 million physical units in Japan alone. The game also zipped to 2 million units within the first few days of release in the US and European markets, making this title the fastest selling Super Mario game of all time.

While the Nintendo console doesn’t come close in processing power to that of its closest rivals, it’s the unique hardware and software offerings is the quintessential feature for its success.

We are just in the beginning days of 2018 and there are still opportunities to be taken advantage of.

The winner for 2018 will be the gaming manufacturer that can give you consistently great titles and award-winning gaming experiences.

One title many loyal customers are looking forward to in Metroid Prime 4.

In 2017 we saw a small trailer which didn’t show much in the way of details and have left fans wanting to see more. We will keep our eyes open for any more possible news.

We will see if rumors of a January 11th Nintendo Direct event comes to fruition. While it was hard to make out clearly, at the bottom of the Amazon listing, there seemed to be wording suggesting the titles will be announced at the event.

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