Augmented reality is a concept many of us were fascinated with as a child. Watching Star Trek and envisioning encounters with advanced artificial technology on the Holodeck seemed like something only made for TV.

But it’s not the case anymore, as tech companies have laid plans from years past, trying to make what would seemed like the stuff of dreams a reality for us.

We’ve heard a lot more about virtual reality and augmented reality and we will hear even more of it during 2016.

Virtual reality isn’t anything new and is a relatively old concept. Think back to 1995 when Nintendo first marketed its Virtual Boy video game console. The concept was great but the execution was a total mess and a complete disaster to say the least. In so much that Virtual Boy was discontinued a year later.

Times have changed in a big way and so has the perception of VR. Major tech companies such as Google with its Glass beta project introduced what probably is the most popular form of AR for consumers.

Facebook’s Oculus, wants its users to experience the full power of VR completely immersing you into a virtual realm.

Our current generation are so fascinated with electronic gadgets and probably can’t imagine a world without computers. It’s such an integral part of our society.

Our reliance on technology some might argue, has made us dumber.

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In some ways maybe, but in another sense we have learned to use our smarts to bend that technology to our advantage.

We have information readily available with just the click of a button. We can make better decisions quickly and accurately with what we have at our disposal and our knowledge about the world has increased.

Imagine using AR in the future to map out a project, test theories in for a scientific situation or give stunning lessons to a classroom full of students.

We may never need to go to the movies in the future, but instead the movie will come to our homes. Your desk, living room and chairs might become the scene with augmented reality characters present within the midst of you.

The future of technology will present a unique way to interact and explore concepts and possibilities in ways we may not imagine.

Microsoft’s HoloLens gives us a glimpse into that future. Creating holograms to improve our understanding in a given situation for the commercial and consumer level is an exciting platform to consider.

Look for Apple to use this technology in the near future with its devices. already the tech giant snatched up Metaio, a company which specializes in AR.

AR technology has the potential to revolutionize our future in ways the smartphone hasn’t. While no other consumer technology has become as popular as our phones and so widely adopted unchallenged, augmented reality might be the solution to buck that trend.

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