It’s common knowledge that we here in Canada pay among the highest mobile data rates in the world. Smartphones are everywhere, and it seems like everyone has one, including Grandma and Grandpa.

Buy why do we pay so much for so little? While we have options from smaller companies such as Freedom, Kudos, Virgin and so on, our wireless mobile market is dominated by the big three, Rogers, Telus and Bell.

A recent article from the Financial Post stated: ” 46 per cent of Canadians had to pay extra fees for exceeding their data limits last year”. Not surprising because we are a massive consumption oriented society with information readily available 24/7

Some, if not all the wireless carriers in this country send SMS to users when they are close to reaching their limit. An excellent service, but frankly it doesn’t help much because a lot of us end up paying for extra data which makes our bill more expensive

Mobile Data Plans

Rogers gives its users the option to pay a one-time data add to the monthly bill:

  • 200MB for $5
  • 400MB for $9
  • 600MB for $12

I’m not a Rogers wireless customer anymore, but I remember there being something like a $15 overage charge per 1GB.

Now, for $80/m you can now get 2GB of Talk, Text, and Data which excludes getting a subsidized smartphone.

Sure this isn’t the only wireless plan as I’m just picking out one as an example, but how easy is it to exceed 2GB?

Let’s face it, most of us don’t talk that much on our phones, we text or surf the Internet, so 2GB isn’t a lot for a month. A couple of YouTube videos for the month and expect an SMS about overage.

Most of the major wireless carriers are on par regarding pricing. You won’t find much variance between them. Freedom Mobile offers lower rates, but with less than reliable connectivity. At least they don’t charge overage. Instead, they just throttle your data once you exceed your monthly allotment.

I can’t see rates coming down soon for us consumers. If you follow the trend, we’ll likely end up paying more for less every few years.

While I can’t give scientific reasons for the correct amounts we should be paying for wireless service in Canada, I just feel that we’re paying too much and I’m not the only one.

These corporations have and are making tons of money from their customers. I’m all for paying our fair share for the right service, but I can’t see the justification for these high inflated prices.

How much more are we going to pay when better technologies are introduced? 5G is the next big thing as wireless carriers are moving to bring this quickly. I think it’s fair to say we’ll be paying a lot more for our mobile service within the next several years.


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