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You will find useful insights about the latest news on the automobile industry in this section of the website. We are automotive enthusiasts with a passion for new technologies within vehicles, especially the sports car. Every year we see cool cars at the various automotive shows from around the world. From the Detroit Auto Show to SEMA there's any shortage of machines to show off to the world. We see a shift with manufacturers looking to research alternative methods of fuel for vehicles. Hybrid electric vehicles and fully electric are becoming popular among buyers. The rapid changes in the price of oil and the costs associated to refine it for use in engines are felt by drivers when they visit the pumps. Relying on electricity rather than the traditional combustion engine seems to be a viable option and one that will have benefits on our environment. cool cars desktop Infotainment systems are being included in a lot of cars for those who need to be connected almost always. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are the strongest options for buyers currently. With Google services included in Android Auto such as Maps, infotainment systems are becoming increasingly important features. Make sure to visit this section also on the latest recalls in the industry..f