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Technology is one of the most sought after interests on the internet today. In this section of the site, we focus on tech startups, automobiles and the most interesting technologies from around the web. Augmented and virtual reality technologies are fast becoming popular and the market is red hot at the moment. This multi-billion dollar industry has only just begun to understand itself as companies like Oculus push the limits of what products can do. 3D printing technology is more affordable than it was a few years ago. Foldable Electric Scooter One day it possibly will become a reality when almost every home in North America has a 3D printing machine. TechMalak also features tech startups who create new and exciting products that enhance our lives.   From smart scooters to smart blinds for the home, tech startups are creating products and services for the next generation. Connected homes with advanced technology has many benefits, and we expect to see more developed in the near future.