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In this section of TechMalak, we feature the latest mobile news and opinions about the industry while focusing on smartphone rumors concerning the latest unreleased handsets. As we move through the year, there is a lot of focus on devices which have high-end specs, but that are less costly than premium phones. A device such as the OnePlus 2 give us an example of what manufacturers can do with their products by offering truly solid specs and software features without breaking the bank of customers. There's no shortage of devices on the market, and it has long been discussed that we are seeing a plateau of some sorts. Every year manufacturers pump out the next generation of devices with little differentiating features than their predecessors. Consumers have become weary of costly upgrades, as mid to mid-high level phones have the capability to do the same functions of premium devices. As we move forward, buyers should expect to continue to see no shortage of high priced devices within the market. Dominated by only a few players such as Apple and Samsung at the high end of the market it is tough for competitors to gain an advantage over these tech giants.