Live on KICKSTARTER; HelloEar Arc is touting itself as the world’s most comfortable earphones. We often here claims of the World’s best this and that, when it comes to crowdfunding, so hopefully these earpieces deliver on that promise.

If you want to listen to media on your mobile device privately, you’ll likely need to invest in a pair of headphones/earphones.

Unless you have an adapter for the latest iPhone, you can’t use HelloEar Arc since Apple has gone wireless. You’ll have to stick with the companies proprietary EarPods unless you run Android, which allows you the freedom to experiment.

Jason Yu, the founder, and CEO of HelloEar Arc claims that users can wear these earphones all day regardless of the activity, because of a patented airbag, rubberized design which is supposed to fit comfortably in your ears.

It sounds great in theory, but there’s no way of us knowing how great they are unless we try on a pair for ourselves.

HelloEar Arc Earphones

Using cheaply made earbuds often irritate the ear and even more expensive ones tend to fall out because one size does not fit all.

When you’re ready to purchase HelloEar Arc, you take a pic with a quarter next to your ear which determines your shape.

Once you upload your photo to the company’s database, they analyze the photo and then send you a pair of earphones custom fitted to your ear.

It’s an innovative approach to an age-old problem with earphones which potentially could catch on with other manufacturers.

You’re guaranteed a custom fit based on your ear type, so there’s no question if they will fit.

HelloEar arc also comes with wired or Bluetooth modules which allow you more freedom and flexibility as you go about your day.

I have to admit, Jason Yu manages to develop an exciting product which sells itself through its features alone.

His explainer video is on point, and I wouldn’t mind backing this project, which has far exceeded its funding goal of $50,000.

Just check out the video below and see for yourself what all the hype is about. Let me know in the comments if you plan on picking up a pair.

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