Throughout the past couple of months, we’ve posted regular updates of the first all-electric truck as the company revealed new information. You can find the summary article here. Last evening though, at 7 p.m ET, Bollinger Motors did the official unveiling of their anticipated Sports Utility Truck. Welcome everyone, to the Bollinger B1, arguably the most important truck of the last decade, and perhaps the century.

The Official Reveal of the Bollinger B1

How Every Truck Should Look

Let’s start with the exterior since it’s the first thing you notice. Straight away, some of you might scream Land Rover Defender while others will yell Jeep Wrangler. To be honest, it’s a bit of both, but that was the basic idea behind its design. Robert Bollinger, the company’s CEO, and founder wanted to create something which took elements from all of his favorite truck designs throughout the years. Mission accomplished then.

There’s something so gorgeous about a simple-as-you-like design with utility screaming from every angle. The B1 wasn’t developed in a wind tunnel, it wasn’t styled by Pininfarina… and yet, it’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in a long time. When was the last time you saw a truck which had rivets all along its body panels? Or when was the last time a modern SUV got a dark aluminum gray finish? Never, right? The Bollinger B1 is so unique that I’d genuinely pick it over any of the current SUVs. And that’s before you even know what’s underneath it.

Performance and Stats

As mentioned, the B1 is the first production all-electric truck. As such, it boasts a dual-motor drivetrain which generates the equivalent of 360 horsepower and 472 lb-ft of torque. It comes in two specifications: one with a 60kWh battery setup capable of covering 120 miles, and a 100kWh battery setup with a range of 200 miles. It’s not meant to be quick, but it is. The sprint to 60 mph takes just 4.5 seconds, thanks to the electric motors’ immediate torque delivery from just 0 rpm. For anyone wondering, the top speed is 127 mph.

The most impressive thing about the Bollinger B1 though is its sheer scope of abilities. For one, with 15 inches of ground clearance, it dwarfs the Jeep Wrangler with its ‘tiny’ 10 inches of ground clearance. That’s twice as much as the Tesla’s 7 inches of ground clearance. You can further raise it though by an extra 5 inches to navigate rough terrain, bringing the total ground clearance to 20 inches. The suspension is really clever as well. It’s a self-leveling, independent hydropneumatic setup on all four corners. In short, nothing can halt the B1’s off-road progress, bar a vertical wall perhaps.

Less is More

Inside, as promised, it’s simple and robust. A steering wheel, some dials, four seats, a couple of buttons, and that’s your lot. You don’t configure or tinker with anything, you just turn the wheel and go. The rear seats are removable, meaning the back end will perfectly accommodate a stack of 4×8 plywood sheets. Still, you get a couple of necessities. There are a couple of USB outlets, as well as a 12-volt one on the dash. Standard 110-volt plugs can be found throughout the truck too.

There really is nothing like it on the market. Bollinger’s plan is to now find a manufacturing partner who can cope with the demand, and ultimately even open up retail shops one day. Customers who want to place their orders now will have to put down $1000 in early 2018 or risk losing their place in line. Bollinger claims they’ll deliver their first trucks just 19 months after production starts. All that’s left to do now is run a thorough test of the truck and see how it fairs in terms of durability. Seeing how the thing is built though and tracking its progress throughout the last half a year or so, I’ll honestly be shocked if it doesn’t perform amazingly. Bollinger has poured so much effort and resources into this thing, that the attention to detail is second to none. I sincerely hope they get all the success coming their way because if anyone deserves it, it’s a small automotive company trying to shape the automotive world of the future all on its own.

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