Kia Motors America, announced yesterday they are now offering free software updates for Android Auto and Apple Car play for older models as well as expanding these features across more of its products.

Henry Bzeih, Managing Director Connected & Mobility Services at Kia Motors America:

Providing CarPlay® and Android Auto™ to a greater number of vehicles in our lineup will revitalize our current owners’ systems with an additional element of convenience while maximizing the benefits of connectivity

This is just yet another example of how Kia has its current customers interest in mind by adding more value to its vehicles.

The company has been on an upward trend with its sales numbers recently and added customer perks, such as this announcement will go a long way towards satisfaction.

For older vehicles, they must be equipped with a “compatible navigation system4 or UVO35″.

Apple Car Play Kia

Kia has a short list of eligible vehicles, and if yours fits the bill, enjoying the convenient features of Android Auto and Apple Car Play, are in your foreseeable future.

  • Forte (MY17)
  • Optima (MY15-16)
  • Optima Hybrid (MY15-16)
  • Sedona (MY15-16)
  • Soul (MY14-16)
  • Soul EV (MY15-16)
  • Sorento (MY16)
  • Sportage (MY17)

If you haven’t done so already, register at for further instructions on how to download the required software, or wait to be notified at the end of this month by email.

Most of us become tethered to our mobile devices and more automotive manufacturers are capitalizing on this trend. Typically, you’d have to invest in a newer vehicle which supports Android Auto and Apple Car Play to stay current.

Maps, SMS, Hands-free calling, media playback and virtual assistance functions are some of the perks of using your smartphone in conjunction with these popular automotive mobile platforms.

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