Japanese-based startup Glow Design has something interesting planned for Kickstarter – a levitating crystal lamp that will be made open for funding in November.

Glow’s official press release for its eponymous crystal lamp includes some of its key features, as well as its main purpose – providing a “beautiful, warm, calming light” as it levitates. According to Glow Design, the synthetic material used to make the crystal is what’s responsible for providing light and creating Glow’s titular feature. Users can toggle between two modes by flipping a tap switch – the first mode allows for warm-colored lighting that could be used for work purposes, or as a “task light,” while the second mode is a more subtle, softer “mood light.”

How long can the Glow crystal lamp last? Glow Design claims that the lithium battery-powered crystal is capable of lasting up to a whopping 80 hours per charge, depending on the type of usage. Using the crystal alone supposedly allows it to be used as a wireless lamp, and the crystal can also be attached to metallic surfaces, thanks to its high-strength neodymium magnet.

Glow Design will be launching the Kickstarter page for its crystal lamp on November 7, 2016, though it already has a pre-registration page currently live. The page allows the first 100 backers to get early-bird discounts worth $20 off the full price, though pricing information for the upcoming product, as well as further details on the Kickstarter page (funding goal, length of project, etc.), are still unavailable.

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