Among the top Chinese Android smartphone manufacturers, Xiaomi is an expert when it comes to electronic equipment. The Mi WiFi Router 3 shipped to me from is an excellent choice if you are looking for a low-cost alternative for wireless connectivity.

The biggest selling point of getting your own router for Internet service is the cost factor. Just take a look at your latest bill, and you’ll find monthly charges for your modem rental which you can easily offset.

You can quickly reduce that cost by simply getting a modem and router. Many cable companies will give you a modem with a router in an all-in-one package, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept what they give you.

Just make sure you buy a modem that’s compatible with your Internet Service Provider’s network, and you can use any router along with it.

I spent a little time with Xiaomi’s router and for what it offers it’s not a bad deal for the price.

While the design won’t blow you away, it sill looks nice, and it is on par with other routers in the same class. Four antennas help spread the wireless coverage throughout an area of up to 100 meters. It’s suitable for a small home or office with multiple users and will work well in a dorm for students.

It uses the MediaTek MT7620A chipset running at 580MHz and supports IEEE 802.11AC technology along with 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz WiFi frequencies.

There’s one Ethernet Port which allows 100Mbps speeds, and only two Lan ports. It’s a shame there are only two Lan ports which limit the connectivity for more devices. But the Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router 3 is only meant for basic surfing the web and video streaming.

If you want to stream 4K content, game online and support multiple devices at high speeds, you’ll have to spend hundreds for a high-end Tri-Band Gigabit router with stronger capabilities.

Still, the Mi WiFi Router 3 is a fantastic option for your basic needs. GearBest which shipped this Router, often runs flash sales on most of their electronics.

Original Xiaomi Mi R1D AC WiFi Router English Version
Original Xiaomi Mi R1D AC WiFi Router English Version

We got the Chinese version of the Mi WiFi Router 3, so everything wasn’t in English, but I managed to do okay. For a stronger solution, the Original Xiaomi Mi R1D AC WiFi Router( English version) comes with 1TB hard drive and a stronger dual core CPU. Just add coupon code:  MiR1DAC for a discount at the checkout.

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