Brushing your teeth is something that we all do, but sadly not all of us do it the right way. Learning to brush your teeth properly not only improves your oral health but helps to keep up confidence.

A new startup wants to change the way you think about cleaning your teeth. Simply slapping on toothpaste and sticking that toothbrush in your mouth, won’t benefit you much unless you are using the proper motion.

Giggo the electric toothbrush promises to take all the guesswork out of correctly cleaning your teeth by utilizing the Bass brushing method, which some of us learned in grade school.

The aggressive back and forth motion is not as effective as starting from the gumline at a 45-degree angle and finishing in a downward motion in repeated short strokes for the inside and outside. This is a simple technique to remember but many of us either fail to do it or just don’t know about the Bass method.

Giggo Electric Toothbrush

With the use of technology and some clever design elements, Giggo’s bristles rotate at the correct speeds and direction, to clean your teeth like a mini automatic car wash.

Judging by the specs on Giggo’s crowdfunding page, this toothbrush supposedly gets around 2 months of use on a single charge which takes 5-6 hours. While I can’t independently confirm those claims, there’s no reason not to give Giggo the benefit of the doubt.

Dental health professionals recommend we replace our toothbrush every 3-4 months. I’m guilty of holding on to mine longer than that, and I Know that I’m not the only one.

For $19 USD, you can get a set of replaceable Giggo brush heads that will last a year. After the crowdfunding campaign finishes, you can get extra brush heads off Amazon.

There are 13 days left for the INDIEGOGO campaign with $79 USD perks still available.

While Giggo isn’t the first electric toothbrush as there are many on the market, it promises to clean your teeth in the most scientifically correct way.

For the price, there’s not a lot to risk from a backer’s point of view. If it truly does what it claims to do, then this is a bargain you should consider.

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