The Honda NeuV is a concept automated EV designed to understand human emotions by using AI technology created by Japan-based Cocoro SB.

If you remember Pepper, the humanoid designed to keep you company by responding to your feelings, then know that Cocoro SB is the company working with Honda on this new project.

Honda plans to bring a more personal touch to driving experience with the Honda NeuV concept.

While much in the of exact specifics have yet to surface, you can expect to see a demo at this year’s CES in January.

How will Honda integrate this AI technology into the upcoming concept and are there plans to push this into the rest of its vehicles?

Since Pepper can recognize and respond to your emotions based on your voice and facial expressions, we expect some of the same features to carry over in the NeuV if it makes it to the production line.

So does that mean Honda’s new concept will have a complete database on your profile? Probably.

This AI tech will continuously learn as much about you as possible to cater to your needs accurately. To do this, it needs to compile and analyze all the data collected about you to learn your likes and dislikes.

Honda NeuV Concept

It’s also an autonomous EV commuter as well. Not a big surprise as more tech companies and automotive manufacturers are pushing for this technology in a big way.

So an actual car that drives itself without the need for petrol and one that can communicate with the driver by understanding their emotions. It’s both exciting and a little scary at the same time to think about how machines are slowly taking over and that this is the level of tech we are reaching.

While autonomous vehicles have yet to fully cement themselves into society, we are slowly witnessing what the possibilities are for the future. In several decades from now, drivers could be obsolete judging by the way things are going with the advancement of technology.

Honda’s NeuV is the company’s concept car that is supposed to read emotions while delivering a whole new driving experience. A small compact commuter vehicle with all the technological marvels of today’s world packed into a tiny car. How well, will consumers receive this thing when it gets an unveiling at CES 2017? We only have a short while to find out what the NeuV is all about.

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