It’s been a long time coming for some of us in Ontario, but it looks like the government is finally doing away with that annoying Drive Clean fee many of us have to pay for emissions testing.

That $30 fee that you hate to pay can sometimes be the precursor for a more expensive fix to bring your vehicle up to standards.

The popular opinion on the fee is that it’s just another cash grab, which by the way, wasn’t supposed to generate a profit. It has, in fact, been making millions of dollars since 2011. Keep in mind, most vehicles to the tune of over 90 percent, pass the E-Test.

It’s still mandatory for vehicles seven years and older to get a pass while being tested. Drivers with vehicles that fail will need to spend the necessary money to fix the issues to renew their license.

There were promises earlier in the year to scrap the fee in agreement with Ontario’s budget for 2017, which sent waves of relief to drivers. While the fee is being done away with, expect increases in licensing fees, alcohol, hunting licenses, and an increase in tax to gasoline of 4.3 cents a litre. Geez!

Gas prices have the amazing ability to change like the weather on any given day of the week. Getting an EV becomes more of an attractive option for regular local commuting and looks like be a big money saver.


After all, the drive clean program is all about maintaining a cleaner environment by having cars polluting the air less.

Now, as the fee is being canceled, according to TheStar, the Ontario government has plans to roll out an app within the next couple of years that allows drivers to connect to their vehicle’s telematic system to capture and upload emissions results to the government.

It won’t be until April of 2017 until the $30 E-Test fee is gone in Ontario. As newer automobiles are manufactured to run environmentally friendly, it’s about time drivers get a break.

If in the next couple of decades from now EVs are that standard, maybe we can scrap the entire Drive Clean program entirely.


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