It’s a rather rare occasion that a start-up company begins its life with a budget that quickly covers all the necessary factors for starting a business enterprise. The reality is, the majority of the start-up companies budget is already spent, or a minimal sum remains in the best-case scenario leaving marketing to come last.

On the other hand, no matter how revolutionary the new business idea or products are, they need to be advertised to be noticed, even if they have a readily available place in the market. Here’s how to do it on a minimal budget.

Facebook Ad

Facebook still stands for great marketing on a minimal budget. That is, if you do everything right and avoid paying three or four times more to do the same results. To maximize your investment and get the best Click-Through-Rate several issues need to be covered. 

First, your ad headline needs to be engaging and the image you choose powerful that is your product or service is clearly recognizable. Do several versions, test them against each other and pick the best one. Once you covered that, make the best use of the plenitude of filtering options Facebook provides to target your audience with laser precision. Age, gender, education, place are just a tip of the iceberg for successful targeting. Having covered this, you will end up paying 10-15 cents per click, which is a very favorable rate.


There’s no better marketing than direct contact with the potential customers and word of mouth advertising. Naturally, this involves prior cultivation of the relationship and your willingness to help other people’s efforts and business, as well. 

In general, they won’t forget that and will return the favor in one way or another when the time comes. This includes personal friends, family, LinkedIn contacts and all those conferences and presentation personnel you visited. They will either become direct customers or recommend your product or service to their circle of business partners, clients, customers, and friends via word of mouth, which is entirely free of charge.

Promo material

This may sound obsolete at first, being present as a marketing tool for so long, but people of all ages still like being given little gifts. Depending on your target audience you can go with traditional pens, notebooks or cups, naturally, all containing a high-quality printing of your company or product logo, or you can focus on more modern promo material accessories, such as USB drives, memory cards or custom wristbands that are increasingly popular today. Even though price is an important factor, it shouldn’t be a crucial one. For a promo material to serve its purpose, it needs to be well made. Therefore, do pay an extra dollar if it provides a real difference in quality.

Run a valuable content oriented and regularly updated website

Practically no serious business, large or small is possible today without a company website. Investing in a highly advanced and aesthetically superior website is futile without valuable content and updated information. Therefore, save money by not getting a hype website version and instead invest time in publishing interesting and relevant content that will make your visitors stay on the site and keep coming for more if you update it regularly. 

Marketing a start-up company is no different from marketing an already established one. It takes effort, time and originality. Knowing your target audience and having a clearly recognizable brand or product will make it easier and a lot more affordable. Using current marketing trends without neglecting promo material will cover all client basis while carefully after the suggested criteria will enable you to do it on a minimal budget. 

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