Now more than ever, it is important that we consider the nature of our health. According to the CDC, heart disease is the leading cause of death in America which claims the lives of 800,000 Americans yearly. It is also the second leading cause of death in Canada affecting more than 1.6 million Canadians.

There are many causes attributed to heart disease, and surprisingly many of us don’t take this issue as seriously as we should.

High blood pressure can lead to heart attacks, strokes, and even heart failure, making it difficult for family members to deal with a loss of a loved one.

Finding the time to see your family doctor can be a challenge and with a hectic work life, many North Americans do not get regular check ups. Some of us, head to the nearest retailer to pick up an off the shelf, blood pressure monitoring device.

But, some of these devices are either poorly built, displaying inaccurate readings or expensive.

Some smartphones will measure your heart rate, which is important, but a higher blood pressure rate is more dangerous than a high rate. Therefore we need to consider more carefully our blood pressure results.

Sphygmomanometers which are found in doctors offices are great, but they don’t give you any in-depth insights unless you are sitting down with your doctor and he or she pulls up your chart history.

MOCAcuff Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

MOCAcuff Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor App

MOCACARE is changing the way you view and access valuable information about your health through the use of technology.

Meet the MOCAcuff, an advanced wireless blood pressure monitor that provides you with medically accurate results, actionable insights to improve your cardiovascular health. MOCAcuff is an easy way to visualize and track your fitness goals in an easy to use interface.

MOCAcuff has also received FDA-clearance in the United States and is CE-certified in European markets.

It also features an LCD, which intelligently shows you, your readings in color-coded sequences for accurate monitoring.

From Green which represents a healthy blood pressure status to solid red which of course means you could potentially be in danger, it is easy to keep track of your health results.

blood pressure monitor
I took my blood pressure, and as you can see it puts me at the orange level which is high to normal range.

Using the power of Bluetooth technology, the MOCAcuff quickly syncs with your mobile device through the free MOCACARE app, which sends you actionable tips and insights to improve your health.

The setup process is very straightforward with an easy to navigate user interface.

Just download the free app, sign up with your email or phone number and fill out your profile page to get started.

To get your readings, just sit down and relax your body in a comfortable position resting your elbow on a flat surface.

With MOCAcuff around your wrist, raise your arm so that it is inline with your heart.

Power up the device to capture your readings and sit patiently for your results which are displayed on the LCD screen. Users can expect the 2 AAA batteries to last for approximately 200 measurements before replacements are needed. The standby mode automatically kicks in after 1 minute of inactivity.

You can easily share your data with your doctor and keep track of your health over time with easy to read charts. Add your friends and families within the app so that they can watch your progress over time.
The added benefit of choosing a dedicated machine to track your vital stats is that manufacturers can focus on important core features that produce accurate results. MOCACARE has managed to develop a robust product with a winning formula to help improve your health. If you are in the market for blood pressure device, you should consider the MOCAcuff.

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