A new biometric authentication sensor has been integrated into Fingerprint Cards (FPC).

An embedded biometric module solution created by Precise Biomatch is now integrated in FPC-BM, and can be used for a wide array of things such as, access control, industry and healthcare, automotive, and Internet of Things (IoT).

With great potential in this market, the biometric module FPC-BM is an innovative step up from the standard fingerprint scanners.

Hakaan Persson, CEO of Precise Biometrics said “Precise Biomatch Embedded provides a superior user experience for this type of resource-constrained environments.”

The robust fingerprint sensor comes with a biometric processor and on-board template storage.

While used standalone out-of-the-box at delivery, it can also be used connected to a host as an easy-to-integrate embedded solution.

FPC_BM is compatible with touch fingerprint sensors FPC1020 and FPC1021, and the area sensor FPC1011.

The Biometric technology is also made available dust and water-proof, IP67-class, making is supreme for demanding industrial conditions and all-weather applications as well.

Jörgen Lantto, President of FPC said in a statement that, “with the introduction of the FPC-BM series of biometric modules, FPC shows continued commitment to expanding the application of our sensors, software, and technology across all market segments.”  “In doing so, FPC strengthens its place int hose market segments where we see positive indications of an increasing global demand for embedded biometric solutions.”

Mobile ID World said, the Huawei Honor V8 and the Xiaomi Mi Max both feature the company’s fingerprint sensors., with four other devices from three different OEM’s also featuring FPC sensors.

Fingerprint Cards leading place as a provider of biometric authentication technology to mobile OEM’s expands it’s range of FPC-BM offering a variety of potential applications.

FPC-BM will be ready for mass production during Q2 2016. The first commercial applications incorporation the FPC-BM are expected in Q3 2016.

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