Z-Wave Labs is an exciting competition that gives startups a platform to showcase their inventions and is sponsored by the Z-Wave Alliance. This year, Z-Wave Labs announces their latest winner, Open Mind Innovations, the creator of the Smart Lock System.

The Smart Lock System by Open Mind Innovations takes the age-old idea of a lock and improves upon it with the use of technology and a touch of common sense.

These locks are controlled by a wireless signal which is operated through a remote, smartphone, home security system, and RFID technology. The built-in motion activated sensor detects violent movements such as a seismographic event and automatically locks.

Mitchell Klein, executive director of the Z-Wave Alliance:

By securing drawers and cabinets based on a certain level of motion, this smart lock serves a unique purpose in mitigating damage from potential disasters, and could benefit other industries beyond the smart home

Using wireless technology, users can secure contents such as drugs in a medicine cabinet from children or meddling teenagers, important business documents, jewelry and other valuable items.

Smart Lock System Unlocked

Installation is designed to be as easy as possible only requiring a couple of steps:

  • Upon opening the package notice both, the lock is ready to install, and the double sided tape pre-attached to the door catch.
  • Cabinet installation begins by opening the selected cabinet door and placing the lock body in the desired location. At this time, the main body is secured in place by two screws in the front slotted holes. Now the protective paper is removed from the double-sided tape on the door catch, and the door is shut. Upon opening the door, the catch is now in the position to be secured in its slotted holes.

This electronic wireless cabinet lock has uses for a variety of commercial and residential applications. It provides an extra layer of security against loss prevention while also allowing remote access to trusted persons when needed.

The Z-Wave platform hosts competitions regularly and announces winners every quarter by a pannel of Z-Wave Lab judges. Competitors are chosen from categories such as:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Automotive
  • Healthcare
  • Energy
  • Security

And more.

The Smart Lock is one of those products you don’t know you need until a situation arises. With a strong focus on protection and privacy, securing your valuables becomes more important now than before. As more IoT devices are invented, so also will be the need to protect against hacking, in particular with the use of quantum computing.

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