Today we are taking a look at Pocket Juice a 4000mAh portable charger for your mobile devices.

Made by Tzumi Electronics, Pocket Juice promises to charge your phone safely and reliably quickly.

We’re always on our devices and running out of power sucks especially when don’t have access to a wall charger. These portable battery chargers are lifesaver when you find yourself in situations where you can’t plug-in your phone.

We see prices coming down every year for these chargers, so you shouldn’t have an excuse for not having one in your arsenal.

Pocket Juice retails for just under $15 in Canada which makes it affordable, but does it work as it claims?

Tzumi says it can “charge your phone up to 200%!!” with its Lithium-Ion battery. I don’t pay attention to those figures, as we all know manufacturers overhype their products just to get more sales.

What I’m most interested in seeing is if Pocket Juice can safely charge my phone from its USB port with 2.4A output without causing damage.

It comes in a sleek rubberized shell which feels nice and includes a very short Micro USB cable for charging both it and your smartphone. While I’m not a fan of the short cable, you can always user the longer one that comes with your mobile device.

For charging your tablet fully, I recommend a larger capacity battery pack unless you just need something for topping up purposes.

I’ll put this portable smartphone charger to a quick test using my dead Samsung Galaxy S7.

The S7 has an amazing battery life and can usually get me through a full day of texting, emailing, YouTubing, etc.

Pocket Juice should have enough capacity to charge the S7 which has a 3000mAh battery fully.

Let’s take a look and see how it does.

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