Buckle up people; it looks like the much-awaited iPhone 8 launch is just around the corner.  While Apple apparently has not confirmed it yet, a new report claims that the 10-year-anniversary iPhone will officially arrive as early as on September 12, 2017 (Tue).

The report by Mac4Ever [French] further alleges that the iPhone 8, along with the new iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, will go on sale a week and a half later on September 22. Note that this speculative iPhone 8 release date fits Apple’s record of setting high-profile launch events on a Tuesday or Wednesday, followed by the actual availability of the new device a few weeks later on a Friday.

iPhone Render Tenth Edition

Moreover, if you think about it, the September 12 release date makes sense considering that with the financial quarter coming to an end on September 30, the fruit-themed tech firm could use some leeway between the release of the new products, and the end of the financial quarter to account for a spike in the sales of its smartphone flagship.

There Will Be Three, Not Two iPhone 8 Variants

Discussing the high price of the iPhone 8 last week, we touched upon the possibility of Apple rolling out three variants of the next iPhone with 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB native storage capacities. And now, a new leak coming from Chinese poster GeekBar has further validated that prediction.

Interestingly, this is in contrary to previous speculations that claimed there would be two iPhone 8 variants – one with 64GB and the other with 256GB storage.

(Note that while GeekBar happens to be one of the more reliable sources I turn to for iPhone leaks and rumors, they are certainly not infallible.)

Speaking of different iPhone 8 variants, I have seen some people on social media criticizing Apple’s move to introduce a 512GB model saying smartphones don’t need that kind of a high storage capacity.

Well, maybe they are partially correct. I, for one, have never come even close to using more than 50-60% of my 256GB iPhone 7 storage.

But all being said, we should not ignore the fact that there is, in fact, demand for more local storage from some Apple loyalists – especially those who want to carry more media without having to rely exclusively on the cloud.

Also, with 4K movies likely to make it to iTunes this fall, a lot of people who were previously happy with 128GB or 256GB storage will now probably want to have a higher capacity local storage.

According to GeekBar, the storage NAND will be sourced from multiple suppliers based on capacity. If true, the odds are high the 256GB chips will be manufactured by Toshiba and SanDisk, whereas Hynix and Samsung will make the 512GB chips.

On a related note, the coming iPhone event will probably also see Apple unveiling a 4K Apple TV along with the Apple Watch Series 3.

Unfortunately, there’s no credible information about the possible release dates for these two devices as of yet. If it indeed takes place, the September 12 event could also include special sessions aimed at providing a more in-depth insight into the new features in iOS 11, watchOS 4, tvOS 11, and macOS High Sierra.


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