The CES 2017 expo is about to kick off starting Jan 5th next week, and it seems Samsung is all set up for the show! The Creative Labs division, created with an aim to foster innovative new solutions, mostly catering to your daily routine has arrived with three new projects focusing on kids and skin-care.

Let’s have a look at each of these projects individually.


Banking on the world of connectivity with the latest Internet-of-Things trend, the S-Skin is an IoT solution that consists of a LED light, a “microneedle-patch” and a companion app to watch and record data on-the-go. S-Skin gives you crucial skin information such as your melanin levels; it analyses redness and hydration by making use of the built-in LED and other high-tech sensors.

The S-Skin device connects to your smartphone over Bluetooth. The companion app then checks the changes over time and will check and show you, your skin-care data in real-time. Watch the official video to get a better idea about the S-Skin.


Lumini adopts a pro-active approach towards your skin problems even before they surface. This too is an IoT solution wherein the user needs to first take a picture of his/her face with the Lumini. Once, done Lumini works over its developed algorithms and sends information to the smartphone companion app.

Lumini will help users identify skin issues like pimples, increased pores, wrinkles, redness, sebum and freckles. Based on the data analyzed, Lumini will recommend the essential cosmetic products and will also offer remote consulting service with a skin specialist or a dermatologist.


How much fun would it be for your kids, if their real world toys become more interactive?Tag+ is one such Bluetooth enabled button-type device that aims at making toys more intuitive. This Tag+ smart tag will respond based on the type of interaction your kids have with it. It can register a press, bumping and even shaking and will offer similar social features as per the inputs.

The Tag+ makes playing with toys a more interactive and responsive experience.

However, apart from just these three new announcements, the Creative Labs division at Samsung is likely to exhibit various other existing projects at the CES 2017 expo.

This includes WELT – a fashionable belt for healthcare, MANGOSLAB – a compact speaker to print memos from your smartphone, MOPIC – a smartphone casing that lets users view 3D content without the glasses and many other projects.

Upon announcing these three new projects, Jaiil Lee, Vice President of Creativity & Innovation Center at Samsung Electronics said:

Ideas from diverse areas from fashion and kids to beauty are being developed based on innovative technology and we will continue to seek for additional ideas across a broad spectrum.

Stay tuned at TechMalak as we will bring you with all the latest announcements at the CES 2017 expo, next week.

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