A self-driving bus crashes into a delivery truck during an unveiling event in Las Vegas on Wednesday. So far there are no reports of injuries and little in the details of the status of both vehicles involved.

Given that autonomous vehicles are still in their infancy, many things can potentially go wrong during the testing phase which is a given.

What makes this incident stand out is that the driverless shuttle had passengers onboard.

The accident occurred shortly after the opening ceremony which was held on the Las Vegas strip.

According to the news report, it was the delivery truck driver who was at fault.

The bus registered the truck through its sensors and came to a stop. The driver of the delivery truck didn’t stop and “grazed” the front fender of the bus.

Despite the reports saying this was a crash, there doesn’t seem to be any major damaged to both vehicles.

If anything, those who are a bit weary of driverless vehicles can probably breathe a touch easier because the bus did what it was supposed to do in recognizing a potential accident.

This might lend to the argument that autonomous vehicles are inherently safer on the roads than those who drive.

How many times throughout 2017 alone, have you heard about people either getting behind the wheel drunk and losing control or killing someone due to distracted driving?

Why did the delivery driver in this incident not see the bus and avoid hitting it altogether?

Even though the report doesn’t mention it, one has to come the conclusion that this delivery driver was just not paying attention. The collision occurred when the driver was backing up.

Pilot programs such as these are going on throughout North America, and it shouldn’t be a surprise to see these vehicles in operation.

French-based NAVYA is the manufacturer of the autonomous bus, and the AAA is the sponsor of the free ride initiative and is donating $1 per rider to the Las Vegas Victims Fund.

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