The winds of change are blowing and shifting the global business landscape. Startups are sprouting across the globe and are determined to turn the old concepts on top of their head. They have no intention of clinging on to rigid hierarchical structures because they know that culture is not something that naturally emanates from business documents: It needs to be actively fostered and promoted across the board.

Peaks And Valleys

Silicon Valley is considered to be the pinnacle of the entrepreneurial spirit, a hub brimming with creativity and ingenuity. There are still many promising startups that pop up there, but now there are many other places that spark attention. Besides, once small, agile enterprises, many startups have now transformed into industry giants. They may have massive budgets and lavish headquarters, but they lose sight of their humble beginnings.

Now, there’s a popular notion that startups are more fun than work. This is a misleading opinion at best. Yes, these organizations endorse informal interaction and employ wacky practices, but something else is at work here. Startup culture is much more than sleek offices, energetic vibe, and cool perks. It encompasses a way of thinking and represents a novelty business philosophy for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

A Cutting-Edge

One may wonder why anyone should bother with fluffy concepts like culture. Well, startup culture acts as a powerful magnet for top talent. Studies have identified that millennials are more inclined to work in smaller organizations than large enterprises. They do not just want to earn money, but to gain a meaningful work experience. This allows startups to harness the immense power of eager, forward-thinking, tech-savvy workforce.  

Numerous success stories ignite imagination and illuminate the path to business greatness. Take the example of Orange, a Jordan-based provider of communication services, which has affiliates in 27 countries. Or, learn valuable lessons from Mu Sigma, a leading business analytics company, which has managed to raise 163 million dollars in funding in nine years of existence, raising the bar in the industry.

Revolution Solution

Startup Culture Business

Experts argue that the cornerstone of startup’s Cultural Revolution is a business leader with a unique sense of passion, and perseverance to translate this into business reality.  This takes place in the office environment, the birthplace of innovative ideas. They come to life in spaces that deviate from the traditional corporate feel, typically embodied by the row of sterile cubes. But, as we indicated, premises are only one piece of the puzzle.

Startups are more prepared to give workers a higher degree of freedom. They aspire to level the playing field and render it accessible to those who are the closest to the actual work process. The people are back in focus, and they are allowed to voice their concerns, proposals, and solutions. This enables the employees to look forward to coming to office and enhances their engagement.

Another essential quality is a team-oriented approach. Collaboration and cooperation within the company are not only encouraged but also seen as a method of boosting efficiency. Unlike their bigger counterparts, startups are youth-led and nimble and can achieve rapid transitions between activities. As you may imagine, the ability to react quickly makes all the difference in a world moving at a breakneck speed.

Business In A New Light

Workers, who have grown accustomed to living and breathing startup culture, seldom look across the shoulder. They are riding the crest of the wave, with their eyes set on the horizon of the future. Business leaders, however, have proven that the rising tide of culture lifts all the boats. It is possible to accomplish great things, and “anything is possible” mentality serves as a guiding light. So, keep your mind open to new ideas, and you will be able to stay ahead of the curve.  

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