Crowdfunding is one of those things that can help a startup company achieve its financial goals. It’s an effective way to showcase creative ideas to potential customers in an easy to understand format.

I just want to take a quick moment and share with you all, on how TechMalak plans to introduce our new crowdfunding platform

We are adding this service for tech startups in addition to our website. We are not in competition with the major industry players, mainly Indiegogo and KICKSTARTER which are excellent in their right.

Instead of competing we are focused on creating something that adds value to you through TechMalak by staying committed to Tech.

We are only accepting projects based on technology, whether its gadget-focused or apps for mobile and desktop users, we want to hear from you.

All funding is an all-or-nothing model where backers are rewarded. So if a project doesn’t meet its financial goal, backers cards are not charged, end of story. Once a campaign reaches its goal, the creators must make sure to deliver their product in a timely order.

It’s An Uphill Battle For Startups

Velocity startup incubator

The majority of startups fail, with the figure sitting at around 90%, that’s a lot. Sadly, many new companies and

Unfortunately, many new businesses and entrepreneurs are coming up with brilliant ideas that for one reason or another, don’t see the light of day.

Starting a new project isn’t easy, and that’s why I am asking for your help in spreading the word about what TechMalak is working on so we can further help startups.

If you’re an optimistic entrepreneur or tech startup with an idea for a project we want to help you

We can review your prototypes and give you valuable feedback to help you along your journey.

I’m also thanking all of you that support TechMalak, and I encourage you to share our new platform with your social media circles.

We are still developing the crowdfunding part of TM which should be ready in the upcoming months.

Please signup here to apply


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