A few days ago, Twitter user @evleaks confirmed some rumors about the new Samsung Galaxy S7 as true. While I am always weary of believing every “absolutely true” thing on the internet, @evleaks has a great record on these things. Here are the most important things to know about the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Water Resistance Returns

The water resistance feature was one of the best things about the Galaxy S5, yet it was missing from the S6 the next year.

Well, it seems the Galaxy S7 will be water-resistant as well, which once again will distinguish the handset from the competition if done right.

MicroSD Is Back

Another return to form will be the Galaxy S7’s microSD slot. Many manufacturers are removing the microSD slot, greatly reducing the amount of available space on their handsets. Having expandable storage onboard your device is always a welcome feature for some.

image courtesy of techgadgetcentral.com

Qualcomm Also Makes A Comeback

As you can see, a lot of these rumors are a return to form. Before the S6, Samsung launched its Exynos processors exclusively in Asian markets and shipped Qualcomm chips everywhere else. With the S6, they launched Exynos in all of their devices and the chip even outperformed the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 in some tests. The choice to go back is odd, but the difference will ultimately be nominal in casual user experiences.

The Camera Is Downgraded?

This one will actually come as a surprise. Supposedly the Galaxy S7 will only have a 12 MP camera, down from 16 MP in the S6. However, the camera will have a faster aperture, making it faster and more capable in low-light situations. It will also supposedly be flush with the body, which will better round out the device.

And those are all the supposedly true rumors for the Galaxy S7. Well, the ones that matter, anyway. We will find out for sure what the Galaxy S7 includes when it is officially announced sometime in late February.

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