9to5Mac got their hands on a couple of images of the iPhone 7S, and if the leak is anything to go by, both of the lower end models could have a glass backing and wireless charging.

Next month is the much-anticipated release of the 10th anniversary iPhone, and while that model will take the lions share of the lime light, the 7S and 7S Plus are expected to be unveiled at the same event.

According to a report from The Verge, Foxconn employees previously stated an aluminum body would be used in the 7S and not glass.

This is a stark contrast from the pictures of the dummy units leaked to 9t05Mac from Apple tipster Sonny Dickson.

Also, those Foxconn employees stated that wireless charging wouldn’t come to next generation 7 series of iPhones which could leave a bad taste in the mouth for some potential buyers.

Be it, the iPhone Pro, iPhone 8, or whatever branding is used by Apple; you can be sure to pay a higher price for the new set of features on all three variants.

It’s clear the market is leaning towards bigger screens with minimal bezels, as that’s been the case for a short while.

Going away are the days when those unsightly thick borders encompass a smartphone like in the current Pixel devices.

More manufacturers are jumping onto this trend, and Apple is moving in this direction with the 10th edition iPhone.

Also, of the same pattern is the inclusion of wireless charging. It’s hard to argue against it, as the benefits of doing away with cables make for a cleaner and uncluttered area.

Sure there are some drawbacks to wireless charging such as the added extra cost and slower charge times with most base stations.

But that cool factor and the feeling of using technology which seems futuristic is an appealing adventure for a lot of consumers.

It’s hard to say for certain what the iPhone 7S and 7S plus will look like. Afterall, we have to wait for the official unveiling next month.

These photo leaks are dummy units, and they could very well not make it to the production stage.

With the prospects of a new design and better display technology, the iPhone 8 is the device to watch out for in September.

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