Once the dominant force in the smartphone market, BlackBerry is now making its exit from the business with one last device to bring to the table, the BlackBerry Mercury.

Courtesy of the popular Chinese social media platform Weibo, new pictures surfaced of what seems to be the final product of the Mercury smartphone from BlackBerry.

We knew the company was working on a device with a physical keyboard running on the Android platform. With many renders and leaks on the Internet, it’s a difficult task to determine the real ones from the fakes. It appears this is what the Mercury will look like on launch day.

BlackBerry fans can at least look forward to a smartphone with decent specs.

The BlackBerry Mercury is rumored to run on a 2.0GHz Qualcomm processor backed by a healthy 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. That amount of ram should be sufficient enough to run through applications without issue and will be on a par with current flagship smartphones from competing manufacturers.

An 18-megapixel rear camera and an 8-megapixel front facing camera are also on the list of hardware features. Along with the all-import QWERTY keyboard that stands second to none, the display is set to come in at 4.5-inches with a 3:2 ratio.

BlackBerry Mercury Leaked Images

Judging by the pictures above, the BlackBerry Mercury looks alright so far. Sure, it’s not a pure touchscreen like the majority of handsets on the market, but for BlackBerry fans who love a physical keyboard, this looks like a perfect fit with little compromises.

A physical trackpad doesn’t seem to be present in these pictures, and that could be a let down for some people. While we can’t confirm every rumored spec, one hopes that BlackBerry will hold no punches for its alleged last in-house manufactured device and pack as many features inside as possible

One thing we know for certain is John Chen confirms this phone, so we will see it for release in the very near future.


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