It’s 2017, and as we wait for this year’s wave of new smartphones to show up, that old Galaxy S7 could use a refresh.

Yes, the S8 gets released this year, but for us S7 owners who may want that brand new feeling again, another case might do the trick.

While Caseology’s Wavelength Series smartphone case isn’t new by any means, if you’re looking for another case for your Samsung Galaxy S7, you may want to consider this one.

Caseology, a well-known smartphone case manufacturer, always delivers on quality and price.

Who want’s to pay $50 or more protecting your already expensive investment with large cases, when for under $30 the same protection can be bought.

Caseology 2 Layer Protection
Image source: Caseology

The Wavelength Series is not only sleek and affordable, it’s dual layer design means your S7 gets protected from most drops.

A rubberized grip on the back of the case means I don’t have to worry about dropping my phone from out of my hands.

All the cutouts for the phone’s speakers, camera, charging port are nicely done, and the volume and power buttons feel solid.

You may want to invest in a screen protector, as this case doesn’t come with one. While it’s not a dealbreaker, protecting that display should be a priority.

If you choose the black option, you may see dust and lint collecting on the back, as I found within just hours after opening up the package.

Overall it’s still a great case and one that I recommend for protecting your S7. You may want to sign up for Caseology’s mailing list for discount codes and special promotions, for when the S8 comes out.

Just visit Amazon if you want to pick up the Wavelength Series.

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