Clazio, the startup that prides itself as a “premier smart home creator,” rolled out a new smart home hub called Spark on Indiegogo earlier this week.

While smart home hubs are not exactly new, having been around for a while, Spark attempts to take it up a notch by bundling together a bunch of innovative solutions that could surely make life a lot easier for users.

Clazio Spark smart home hup

To describe it briefly, Spark is a premium speaker with a built-in battery, smart home integration, and a 4K video output.

Spark comes equipped with a pair of 5W high-fidelity speakers powered by what the company touts as a sophisticated audio system with near-perfect crisp sound.

Not only that, but the audio also adapts to its surrounding environment to give users a superior listening experience.

You can use the device to connect to any streaming service of your choice at the push of a button. Alternatively, you could also plug it in a television or projector. Together with its high-quality audio and 4K video output, you are guaranteed to have a quality home entertainment experience without breaking the bank.

Clazio Spark rear view

Besides offering a premium listening experience, this next-generation smart home hub also supports voice commands. Users can communicate with the device in two ways – using natural voice interaction or the 7-inch touchscreen display. There are two far-field microphones offering compatibility with built-in Ok Google and Alexa commands

What I find most promising about the device is its portability. It is far from being bulky and carries a built-in battery, enabling you to carry it all around the house.

Another exciting side of Spark is its ability to double up as a tablet. The device is powered by Android 7.0 Nougat and has an octa-core processor under the hood. This setup essentially provides the perfect platform for users to connect and control other smart home devices in the household.

The device also allows you to make video calls using its 5MP front camera.

At about 1.8 lbs, Spark flaunts a sleek design and a decent build quality. I wouldn’t call it the prettiest device of its kind, but I wouldn’t be surprised either if you did.

The 4,800mAh built-in battery provides enough juice to keep it up and running, blasting music for five long hours. As for videos, Clazio claims four hours of uninterrupted video playback on a single charge.

“Clazio Spark is the smartest home device available offering uncompromising audio and video quality. It is a wireless speaker, and Android tablet all in one,” Clazio chief executive Dake Lu explained during the Spark’s Indiegogo launch. The device is expected to retail at $269.

A crowdfunding campaign to facilitate Spark’s mass production was launched on Sep 26, 2017.


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