AOL Will Stop Support For Winamp Next Month


Maybe some of you have never heard of Winamp. It was a popular media player desktop app of the 1990’s and 2000 era that most people today don’t recognize. Winamp is a 15-year-old software that AOL purchased for $80 million in 1999. In 2000 an estimated 25 million users, including myself, used Winamp to listen to downloaded music from Napster.

In 2003 when Apple released iTunes, many people left Winamp for Apple’s latest creation. Apple affected the music industry with its popular software that sees it responsible for 63% of all digital music sales today. After iTunes, Winamp just faded to the back bench.

One of the great features of Winamp, were the various skins that you could download for your desktop PC. It made playing all those downloaded files from Napster a joy to listen to. Users had the options from choosing from a vast variety of skins to suit their personal tastes.

Winamp SkinsWinamp Skins Grey


Justin Frankel, is the programmer behind Winamp and his company Nullsoft which he sold to AOL. On the website, it clearly states that the software will be unavailable for download past December 20, 2013. Anyone that is still using the software, will find the latest updated version on the website.


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